Monday, August 29, 2011

Saw a Stella rider today..

Going about my work duties in Santa Monica I noticed a rider on a Stella! I then realized that I don't think I have even seen a Stella out in the open and in use before. Looked like he was having a grand time.

I recently started following the California Scooter Company CSC blog and noticed that they recently completed a scooter get-together where they road their CSC scooters from LA to the Angeles Crest Highway. Their pictures looked a amazing and just continues my crazy desire to let loose on these quite roads. Here is a link to the specific blog entry I am referring to.

Has anyone else ridden the Angeles Crest Highway? I would love to hear your thoughts and the routes that  people have taken. I do know that one of the stops along the highway is a WONDERFUL little town called Wrightwood. Katie and I were lucky enough to be able to stay at a cabin with friends over Thanksgiving. We had an incredible time and would absolutely try our hardest to go back again this next fall. Here our two films I produced while in Wrightwood.

The Cabin:

Lighting of the Christmas Tree:

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  1. Matt:

    Joe here (I write the Cal Scooter blog). Thanks for the mention. Please stop by to visit when you are in La Verne and we'll show you how we make the bikes right here in the USA. If you want to see more about traveling on these bikes, check out our Baja trip at