The Person


My name is Matt Maxwell.

Little Bio 
I was born and raised in Abilene, TX where I eventually met my beautiful wife. Soon after we married, in 2007, we moved to Los Angeles where I have been pursuing the entertainment industry ever since.

Photography/Film - This passion grew out of my childhood love of technology and everything mechanical. I loved how a mechanical device like a camera could produce such beautiful images. In High School I excelled in my photography courses which eventually led me to the crazy world of video. As soon as I started college I had a small video business going in which I produced everything from wedding videos, to football scissor reels, to small web promo films. Thinking I would take my passion to Hollywood and excel there I quickly realized that I was a very very small fish in a very large ocean.
In Los Angeles I worked for several reality TV shows and gave two years of my life to ABC's Wipeout seasons 1-3. I currently work for a very prestigious production company in Santa Monica.
Even though my personal business took a hit with our move to LA, I continued to produce promotional films for clients back in Texas and started making little destination films as Katie and I traveled throughout California. These destination films actually turned into another side business in which Katie and I have produced several promotional films for travel resorts and cabins across mid and southern California.

Camping - I love camping. This is one of my absolute favorite things to do and I simply don't do it enough. Having grown up within Boy Scouts I loved every camping trip we would go on and looked forward to them for months. The open skies, the stars, the smell of a fresh built tent, the sound of a midnight rain, the fear of that midnight down pour, the dancing flames of a campfire... I love it all.

Exploration - As a child I lived to explore the unknown. Every closet at my grandparents house held a mystery waiting to be discovered. Even during my Boy Scout years I have distinct memories of Camp Tonkawa summer camp where my best friend and I would sneak off from our troop's campsite and explore those places of the camp which we knew we weren't allowed to go. Most of the time our explorations led to nothing more exciting then a little stream or a hidden trail, but there was one evening in which we struck the mother load.
After finding an old map of Camp Tonkawa at the camp office we noticed an old camp site that was not on any of the new maps... We had our mission. One evening during free time we set off on our mission and trekked through over grown brush and mesquite trees and then we found it... a whole campsite that hadn't been seen nor used in years. It had the old electrical lines running to different areas, it had the bathroom outhouses that were rotting away, it had everything.
Needless to say... I love to explore... I love to find those places that were once beautiful and lively and now rotting away... It's this love of exploration that drives me towards this cross-country challenge. The challenge for me is not in completing the trip but exploring the old and forgotten.