The Sponsors


*UPDATE (09/09/11) - After many nights of thought I think I may have to rethink this whole sponsorship portion... I thought it was a great idea at first but now I'm thinking that this has huge potential to fail and I don't want the lack of sponsorship to ruin my spirits about a possible cross-country trip.

This trip will not happen unless I can receive financial and/or product help. As a young filmmaker my budget is somewhat limited and I've dreamnt of a cross country trip since early high school. The 2 Wheel American Challenge is dependent upon our sponsors.

Becoming a sponsor is very easy. Simply select which level you would like to give:

Name Tag

 Name/Business will be printed upon the bike and personally mentioned within 1 blog post. The example picture is larger then actually printed. Each name/business will be printed at 1/2" height upon the scooter front or the motorcycle tank/fender.

Logo Tag
Name/Business Logo will be printed upon the bike and personally mentioned within 5 blog posts.

Name/Business will be printed upon a 12" x 18" flag and flown throughout the "2 Wheel America Challenge." The Sponsor will be mentioned throughout at least 25 blog posts, be seen LITERALLY throughout the entire county, and be seen on every "2 Wheel American Challenge" film post and photo that involves the bike.

The Bike
First off, many thanks! Your company will receive a 3-5 minute promotional film, separate from "2 Wheel America Challenge," directed and shot by me and my crew. Your business/vehicle will be mentioned within every written blog entry of the actual 2 Wheel America Challenge, which there will easily be over 100. Your business/bike will be highlighted within every blog film produced throughout the "2 Wheel America Challenge," which will be at least 25 films. Finally, your vehicle will be seen and talked about as I travel the backroads, towns, and cities that make up this great country.