The Challenge

UPDATE (09/09/11) - Rethinking the challenge. Not sure if I want to set myself to such a strict schedule. I do have a dream to cross this wonderful country but I need to to do so much before I undertake such a huge adventure. First... I need to learn how to ride and become incredibly proficient at it. My number one priority is returning safely to my beautiful wife and I don't want to do anything stupid if I don't have to.

Crossing the nation, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, riding only the backroads of America. 
Half the time will be traveling and exploring, while the other half is documenting the natural and un-natural beauties of this great country and, with the help of modern technology, sharing everything I do with all of you, each and every day.

Theres actually two parts to the Challenge:

Part 1 - The Sponsorships
Before departing on this cross-country challenge I need help.
Step one, I've never ridden a motorcycle and need to learn.
Step two, I need equipment/food/places to stay. Im looking for people and companies who want their products seen, used and talked about.

Part 2 - The Cross-Country Trip
The Challenge is to visit every Communities in Schools Affiliate in the South. This covers everything from Southern California to South Carolina.