Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Genuine Stella; One of my Favorite Scooters!

NoHo Scooter's Beautiful Blue Stella!
Its true.
The Stella is one of the first scooters that caught my eye and started me down this path of the 2 Wheel America Challenge. The scooter is just gorgeous and oozes with vintage sexyness!

A Stella Lineup at NoHo Scooters
As soon as I saw one I knew that it called for the open road... not those populated highways or even urban neighborhoods but the lonely lost roads of days gone by.

Royal Enfields at NoHo Scooters
After a haircut today I stopped at one of my new favorite scooter toy stores, North Hollywood Scooters! They have an exceptional selection of Scooters from, The Genuine Scotter Co, SYM, Lancer, and even a few used Vespas. They also have several Royal Enfield bikes and ones has the attached side car. So cool looking.

When speaking with Mike (I believe that was his name), who worked at NoHO Scooters, he advised me that the Stella is not made for long trips but I might prove him wrong one day... Maybe... Right now, he knows more about scooters in his little pinky toe then I do in my entirety! Anyways, maybe one day I'll own a Stella and test Mike's advisories.

Now, as far as going cross-country on a Stella... Well, that would be a mighty good challenge. :)
A Beautiful Red Vespa P200 (can you see that yellow Lambretta)

A Lovely Red Stella outside NoHo Scooters

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