Friday, September 16, 2011

More Dreamin'

My dreams for hitting the open road and exploring the lost and forgotten haven changed yet I've been thinking alot about RVing and having a mobile lifestyle.

I've recently stumbles upon several blogs of full-time airstreamers and I just find their lives fascinating and amazing. Not sure if my wife feels the same... :)

I'll probably expand upon this in greater detail soon.

Just wanted to say hi to the 2 wheelin' blogosphere

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  1. I don't think your your dreaming. It's completely possible to do it, either in an RV (which the GF and I hope to do when we are retired) or on the back of a Scooter. I started riding not so long ago as a way to save money and do something "different." My suggestion is that your invest 3 - 6K in a good used scooter with at least 250cc. Start riding now and get endorsed. The more experience you have now will come in handy later.

    Looking forward to following your adventures and mis-adventures. :)

  2. Matt, talk to me... have you abandoned the idea of taking this trip? I've done some long distance travels in the past on big bikes (Honda Gold Wing, Harleys), but I've got the itch for a scooter. Long distances on one of those things? Crazy...and awesome! I grew up in Texas as well. (still there)

  3. This was a very interesting article and definitely gave me some food for thought